Welcome to the Danish Glaucoma Society

Glaucoma.dk is the website for the Danish Glaucoma Society

The focus of interest is:

  • To obtain and exchange knowledge of clinical glaucoma and new treatments in glaucoma as well as to encourage  glaucoma research
  • To facilitate contact between all ophthalmologists with an interest in glaucoma

The website has been established to facilitate access to the newest glaucoma research and to the assist ophthalmologist and other physicians with an interest in glaucoma to be up to date with the management of glaucoma. Patients with glaucoma are referred to “Patientinformation” and to the Danish Glaucoma Association www.glaukom.dk

As registered user access will be given to:

  • Possible membership in European Glaucoma Society (EGS)
  • Membership World Glaucoma Association (WGA)
  • Access to IGR (International Glaucoma Review)
  • Academic and professional knowledge exchange among colleges
  • A forum for debate and chat
  • A link to glaucoma-related literature and updated information on anti-glaucomatous drugs
  • The membership is free


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